Epicurious considers Jungle Jim's one of the best grocery stores in the country

Epicurious put together a list of the 21 best grocery stores in the United States, and although obvious chains like HEB, Trader Joe's and Whole Foods made the list, so did local fav Jungle Jim's.

It's the place to go for hard-to-find international foods, with over 180,000 different products from all over the world. Of course, Jungle Jim's has your typical deli, butcher counter and bakery, but nestled among those grocery store must-haves is a cheese section that's to-die-for and a huge produce section that pays homage to Jungle Jim's start as a produce stand. 

The middle of the store is devoted to a wide range of hot sauces and salsas, and the bar is the perfect place to grab a beer to enjoy while you shop. (Or you can pick from the over 4,000 local and craft beers to take home with you.)

You should probably spend a few hours or a whole day at one of the two locations (Fairfield and Eastgate) because there's no way you're going to see it all if you just run in to grab a gallon of milk.

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