LEAPframe Digital Film Boutique invites you to feel the love

LEAPframe, the digital film and motion design boutique based in Over-the-Rhine, has quietly been building an impressive portfolio of work since forming in the beginning of 2013. In that time, they’ve worked with clients such as Cintas, First Student, Powerhouse Factories, FreestyleUSA, Texas Roadhouse and Carnival Cruiselines. Most of that occurred before the company even had a website or logo up.
“At the end of the day, I think our clients, our crew and our team like working with us because we’re about people and chemistry more than anything else,” says Brandon Faris, Director and Co-Founder of LEAPframe. “It’s what we refer to as ‘the love.' We want to spread the love. We get handwritten notes from people we work with all the time expressing gratitude. I don’t think they are used to that kind of highly personalized experience.”

LEAPframe’s early success can be attributed to several factors. First, their unique structure allows them the ability to scale and maneuver based on a given project’s demands in a way that very few other companies can. LEAPframe exists as the film/motion design division within LEAP, a Louisville-based digital marketing company.  As such, much of their work is for LEAP clients, but they also have their own, separate clients and even get hired on to do work for other agencies from time to time.
“Ryan [Woolfolk, Co-Founder of LEAPframe] and I had been working together for about eight years, and we wanted to do our own thing, but we didn’t want to have to do paperwork or accounting, we wanted to be creative,” Faris says. “We had already worked with LEAP on a few projects, so we opened a discussion with them, and after one conversation, we knew that it would be a beneficial situation for all of us.”
In addition to this, LEAPframe offers an innovative scaling approach that allows them to take on projects large and small while keeping overhead low and prices competitive.
“Because of the networks we’ve built up over the years of being in this industry, we have crews and directors in Los Angeles, Chicago, Denver, Miami, New York and all over that we hire on as needed,” Faris says. “We can build to scale anywhere, keep our prices low, but also ensure the quality doesn’t suffer. We can maneuver and make things happen that larger companies sometimes can’t. We’re like Kung Fu or Legos—we’ll adapt and bring in the right people to meet the need of the job and the client.”
No matter the size of the project though, Faris and Woolfolk are the constant. “You’re never dealing with a middle man; it’s always us,” Woolfolk says.  

By Mike Sarason
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