Film written, produced and shot in Cincinnati debuts nationwide

Cincinnati-based Rebel Film Productions debuted its newest film, “A Strange Brand of Happy” in more than 40 markets across the United States during the past two weeks. The film is set in Cincinnati, where it was also written, produced, shot and edited in its entirety. Cincinnati-based
“We wanted this film to be a love letter to Cincinnati,” says Brad Wise, writer and director of the film. “I spent time living in Boston; whenever I watch a movie set there, I get very excited when I can recognize a location. We wanted that same experience for Cincinnatians.”
“A Strange Brand” takes the form of a romantic comedy in which, “an aimless bachelor loses his job and finds himself chasing the same girl as his manipulative ex-boss.”
Wise, a graduate of the University of Cincinnati’s DAAP program in graphic design, found the inspiration for the story while driving to a college roommate’s wedding on New Year’s Eve 2008. “I liked the idea of a guy in his thirties going through a mid-life crisis and getting help from a wily group of retirees,” Wise says. “That combination of ages and personalities seemed like a fun story to play around with.”
Since opening nationwide, including locally at the Kenwood, AMC West Chester and Springdale theaters, the film has already outperformed expectations.
“What we're hearing is that people of all walks and faith backgrounds leave the theater happier than when they went in,” Wise says. “That's about as much as I could've asked for. I've been surprised how many people have said they cried at the end.”
Rebel Film Productions cites its mission as telling stories that, “spark hope where there is apathy, confusion or despair and spark action where there is inaction.”
“This is a story about people you can relate to who are trying to figure life out, even though they don't have all the answers,” Wise says. “When we see and hear stories of friends helping each other ‘find’ themselves, I think that sparks a sense of hope that it could happen in our own lives.”
To learn more about “A Strange Brand of Happy” and watch the trailer, click here.
By Michael Sarason
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