Obscura to bring world-class mixology to downtown scene

As the energy around the city’s core continues to grow, Cincinnati will welcome a new addition to the downtown nightlife scene when Obscura opens this fall. The space, located at 645 Walnut street in close proximity to the Aronoff Center, the Contemporary Arts Center and the Westin Gallery, aims to attract the art community as well business community.
“Obscura reinterprets a forgotten classic—‘the cocktail lounge’—offering guests an ideal atmosphere to enjoy intimate conversation, artfully infused libations, elegantly presented aperitifs and sweets, and ambient music styles from around the globe selected to enhance the social experience,” says Courtney DeGeorge, Obscura Hospitality Director.
Obscura will place an emphasis on high-end mixology and, to that end, has enlisted the help of Benjamin Newby, a UK transplant who has made his mark as a mixologist and nightlife expert in Chicago over the last six years. Newby, whose eye for creativity and balance in his cocktails has earned him numerous accolades, was signed as the Hospitality and Cocktail Consultant for Obscura.
“Bringing in Benjamin to help with this project was truly serendipitous,” DeGeorge confesses. “Recruiting talent from outside Cincinnati proved to be much more difficult than originally anticipated—that is, until we met Benjamin. By bringing a cocktail expert of his caliber on board to consult, other mixologists from Chicago, Miami and New Orleans soon followed.”
“Once I had done my research and visited Cincinnati for myself I could see why the team had the perspective they had,” explains Newby. “It is an opportunity to bring a new nightlife experience to the downtown area and really add to the exciting growth and bursting culture that is happening throughout the city.”
Newby is excited not only to bring the latest trends mixology to Cincinnati, but also to honor the history that is already here.
Findlay Market is brilliant and will definitely be an influence on the menu,” Newby says. “It’s such a gift to have local produce, a tea shop and Colonel De's spices in such close proximity. As far as national trends reflected in Obscura, you can expect us to use fresh local produce, have juices pressed daily, syrups made fresh, artisanal liquors, handmade ice and more.”

Obscura is owned and operated by local entrepreneurs Scott Sheridan, Bill Foster and Anthony Huser.

For more information, visit www.obscuracincinnati.com.

By Michael Sarason
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