Education at Work helps students earn more than $1 million in tuition assistance

Education at Work, a Norwood-based nonprofit, just passed a $1 million milestone that helps millennials graduate from college with less debt and less stress. 

Founded in 2012, the organization is comprised of about 450 students who gain on-the-job experience while securing an hourly wage and receiving tax-free tuition assistance.

To date, students have tallied about $1.87 million in tuition assistance. Scott Maurer, a University of Cincinnati student who has been with the program since July 2013, has earned $15,000 in tuition assistance. 

“The tuition assistance program has been a motivation for me to maintain a high GPA, but most importantly it has kept me from going deep into debt,” Maurer says. “That simple fact gives me security for the future, and I would love to see more college students feel the same way as I do.”

Ten years from now — by 2025 — Education at Work hopes to fulfill its goal of expansion at both the local and national levels by benefitting 100,000 students annually. The impact on their lives, according to the organization’s CEO Dave Dougherty, has been “incredible,” and he’d like to see it snowball.

“By working hard at Education at Work and in the classroom, the students are taking their futures into their own hands and graduating with significantly less debt because of the tuition assistance they are earning,” Dougherty says. “I am grateful to all who make this possible: our clients, our university partners, our staff and most of all our students, who are EAW’s shareholders.”

Do Good: 

• If you are a current or soon-to-be college student, apply for a position with Education at Work.

• If you want to engage with EAW, get involved

• Connect with EAW on Facebook.

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