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For Good

CityLink partners with Red Bike, offers member passes for $5

Red Bike's Jason Barron (right) provides pointers to CityLink members

CityLink members try out the new Red Bike station

CityLink is able to provide annual bike sharing passes at a discount to its members thanks to a recent partnership with Red Bike.

Red Bike memberships typically sell for $80, but the partnership allows passes to be sold to CityLink for $20. From there, CityLink is selling passes to its members who are in good standing and actively working on their goals for just $5. 

The new bike sharing station, which sits on the corner of Linn and Banks streets right in front of the center in the West End, was built with grant money from Interact for Health.

“Bike sharing is something that is really taking the country by storm,” says CityLink’s Director of Development and Communications Marissa Abernathy. “But historically across the country bike sharing hasn’t been very successful in engaging low-income communities.”

CityLink recently piloted the bike sharing project with 15 of its members. Each member received bike safety training from Riding Forward and instruction from Red Bike on how to use their new membership card.

Transportation is just one of the issues that many individuals face that prevent them from reaching their full potential.

“Our hope is that the CityLink Station and partnership with Red Bike could serve as a catalyst for creating a model to cultivate new physical activity habits and overcome transportation barriers for our clients,” CityLink Executive Director Johnmark Oudersluys says. “This program promotes the spirit of health equity when health disparities are at record highs right here in our own city.”

Instead of taking the bus, members can now ride a bike to Findlay Market for fresh food or to the library to use a computer. Having quick access to a bike can also help them when looking for a job.

Red Bike Executive Director Jason Barron agrees.

“We want as many people benefiting from Red Bike as possible,” he says. “CityLink is a perfect partner to test this collaborative new approach. This is a great example of how Red Bike can help connect people to job training, then job interviews and ultimately actual jobs.” 
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Jayna Morris is a contributing writer and editor for Soapbox. Learn more about her at www.jaynabarker.weebly.com.
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