Siemens, UC partner to expose students to PLM software, enhancing job readiness

University of Cincinnati engineering students will gain skills and hands-on experience, which will lead to job preparedness and a leg-up when it comes to future successes, thanks to its most recent partnership with Siemens.
The international engineering company with local firms recently pledged its product lifecycle management (PLM) software, in addition to $1 million, to establish the Siemens PLM Simulation Technology Center at UC’s College of Engineering & Applied Science.
Siemens’ staff will also be on board, as it will provide support to both students and faculty as they navigate a new learning experience by experimenting with the same software used to design things like the Mars Rover and Maserati cars.
“As manufacturing companies worldwide move closer to Industry 4.0, it is more important than ever for academic institutions and educators to move beyond CAD software and embed digitalization into their curriculum,” says Chuck Grindstaff, president and CEO of Siemens PLM Software. “The Siemens PLM Simulation Technology Center will help establish the connection between academia and industry to develop future employees for the digital enterprise.”
Around the globe, a documented 140,000 companies utilize PLM software, so being able to access it and problem-solve with it at the Center will prepare students for future work.
Siemens PLM Software’s Milford office has also committed to employing UC students via a long-term co-op program, in which students can gain further experience.
“We believe that simulation expertise will be a real differentiator for UC,” says Jan Leuridan, senior vice president of simulation and test solutions for Siemens PLM Software. “We are proud that together we are empowering the next generation of digital talent.”

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