Clifton Performance Theatre, home to intimate performances and youth workshops

If you’ve never checked out the Clifton Performance Theatre, there’s no better time than now.
Its 2016-17 season opened this past Thursday with The Road through Damascus — a new play that is written by local playwright and Northern Kentucky University graduate Robert Macke.
Presented by the Clifton Players, a nonprofit collective of actors who are committed to delivering engaging, intimate material to audiences, the play will prompt audience members to partake in a world filled with people much like themselves who question life’s everyday occurrences.
It’s because of the space, Nate Netzley says, that he’s most excited to direct this play in particular.
“You won't get a more intimate and honest experience than you will in the space at Ludlow, because there is no place to hide,” he says. “There is no room for being fake — even in a play that's a kind of magical realism like this one — everything you do has to be honest, or it won't read." 
It’s just one of the benefits offered from small, local theaters like CPT, which functions not only as a space to view performances, but also as a place for youth to interact with and learn from actors by attending summer camps, classes and workshops.
Upcoming fall workshops include offerings such as “Baby Box: Creating Characters,” which allows children as young as 3 to dabble in the world of storytelling by exploring the stories of people all across the world. They will "open their suitcases" and add a new sticker to their passports each week.
A complete listing of fall session offerings, in addition to information regarding tickets to The Road through Damascus, can be found on CPT’s website

Do Good: 

•    Learn more about the Clifton Players by connecting with them on Facebook.

•    Purchase your ticket to The Road through Damascus, which closes Oct. 1, and see what it's like to engage in intimate, community theater.

•    If your child is interested in acting, sign them up for a fall workshop.


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