UWGC announces $62.1 million goal at 2016 Campaign Kickoff

The United Way of Greater Cincinnati has amped up efforts to improve our community more than ever with its goal of raising $62.1 million during its 2016 campaign.
Last year’s Centennial Campaign generated $62 million, enabling the region to continue achieving its Bold Goals, which help children and their families receive the education and skills needed to move out of poverty.
“I’m so impressed with the rigorous, disciplined approach of our United Way,” says this year’s campaign chair, Ted Torbeck, president and CEO of Cincinnati Bell — a United Way partner. “They are tremendous stewards of the community’s generous contributions, and they and their partner organizations consistently show they are driving positive results every day.”
Some of those positive results: an 8 percent increase over the past 10 years in the number of children within the Cincinnati Public Schools’ district attending preschool, and more than 10,000 individuals trained for in-demand jobs.
The reality, however, is that half of incoming kindergartners still lack preschool experience, which impacts both kindergarten readiness and third grade reading rates, and 30 percent of our region’s residents are unable to make ends meet.
Reaching its campaign goal will be crucial when it comes to improving those statistics further, which is just what the United Way and its partners intend to do.
“United Way creates life changing moments in our community,” Torbeck says. “But it will take everyone in our community connecting and coming together to make a difference and meet this goal.”   

Do Good: 

•    Contribute to the 2016 Campaign, which concludes Oct. 28, by donating.

•    Advance the common good by becoming an advocate.

•    Learn about the many ways you can engage as a volunteer.

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