PLCHC ranks as 5th busiest and one of most effective in nation

When is the last time you utilized the services offered by the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County?
If recently, you contributed to its positive reputation, as it was once again ranked as the fifth-busiest library in the nation, proving its impact and cost effectiveness throughout the community.
According to the 2016 Public Library Data Service's statistical report — which is published each year by the Public Library Association — PLCHC cardholders checked out nearly 19 million items last year.
An additional report from the Ohio Library Council proved the effectiveness of the state's libraries, as it showed that Ohioans received a benefit of $5.48 for every $1 invested — the highest ratio in the country. The PLCHC, however, soared to the top with residents receiving a $6.73 benefit for every $1 invested into the resources it offers.
Besides its traditional services, the PLCHC offers a variety of electronic materials, including free music downloads that are available on a weekly basis, and an impressive MakerSpace where creatives can gather to use an array of resources — everything from 3D printers to audio and visual equipment.
“Every day, the Library works to keep pace with the high demand for library services from Hamilton County residents while keeping costs at a minimum,” says Kimber L. Fender, the Eva Jane Romaine Coombe Director of the Library. “We take our stewardship responsibility seriously and work to give residents the most value for their investment.” 

Do Good: 

•    If you don't do so already, take advantage of the Library's many services by applying for a library card.

•    If you're a more traditional library user, check out the downtown branch of the PLCHC's MakerSpace for a more tech-focused, hands-on experience with library materials. 

•    Connect with the PLCHC on Facebook.

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