Yoga with cats allows participants to unwind while benefiting Save the Animals Foundation

Yoga, cats ... dreams can now become a reality.
Modern Makers is partnering with Save the Animals Foundation and local instructors to host a part-yoga, part-art show, part-party June 21 for those interested in a good time or perhaps the opportunity to adopt a feline companion.
Modern Makers, whose mission is to “attract people to new and surprising experiences in unexpected environments and spaces,” joined forces with Uptown Consortium in 2012 in an effort to reimagine community spaces as transformative experiences.
“The wide variety of signature Uptown art experiences are always welcoming, immersive and surprising,” Uptown Consortium President and CEO Beth Robinson says.  
Since partnering with Uptown Consortium, Modern Makers has co-sponsored art experience events with a variety of local nonprofits to bring community members together to both learn and grow.  
According to Robinson, “placemaking” is key as it allows individuals to join together to experiment and explore.
“Experts know that art-making and exhibiting draw the community to spaces that are underutilized or are on the verge of being transformative,” she says. “It’s why the Consortium believes so strongly in the work of Modern Makers.”  

Do Good: 

Purchase your tickets to Yoga with Cats at 6:30-8 p.m. June 21.

Support Save the Animals Foundation by donating. 

Connect with the Uptown Consortium on Facebook.

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Brittany York is a freelance writer, adjunct English composition instructor and server at Orchids at Palm Court. She loves travel and photography. Keep up with Brittany on Instagram @brittbrittbrittbrittany.
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