NKU, Strategies to End Homelessness collaborate to launch unique app

There’s now a free, simple way to help the homeless, and it can be accomplished in a matter of seconds via a smartphone.
Students from Northern Kentucky University’s Center for Applied Informatics recently collaborated with Strategies to End Homelessness to develop and launch an application called Street Reach. It’s now available for download in both the Google Play and iOS Apple stores.
“People who are on the streets are very vulnerable, so it is important to provide them with services as quickly as possible,” says Kevin Finn, president and CEO of Strategies to End Homelessness. “The Street Reach app allows anyone who is concerned about helping the homeless to connect them with assistance.”
The app is simple — users are able to identify a location where individuals are sleeping on the streets, then type in a few sentences or notes regarding the situation. Once the information is received, outreach workers can then follow-up with reports to make sure those who are homeless are receiving assistance and have a plan in place to attain housing.  
According to Rachael Winters, a social work professor at NKU, the app could potentially serve as a national model.
“Street Reach makes it possible for community members to provide help to the homeless,” she says. “It also educates the public about the resources available in our community.” 

Do Good: 

• Download the Street Reach app today. 

Support Strategies to End Homelessness. 

• Spread the word about Street Reach and encourage your friends to download it as well. 

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