Union Institute celebrates National Police Week by delivering cookies

It’s National Police Week, and Union Institute & University (UIU), whose largest degree program is Criminal Justice Management, is doing its part to recognize local officers by expressing gratitude and delivering cookies to five Cincinnati Police stations.
More than 2,200 officers nationally hold a degree from UIU, and more than 25 of them have gone on to become police assistants, chiefs or sheriffs.
According to Covington Police Det. and UIU Site Coordinator Eric Higgins, knowledge of the criminal justice system is important to propel society forward and help mitigate some of the current tension that exists.
“Police departments and police academies do a very good job of training officers to shoot guns, drive in tough conditions, gain knowledge of the law and learn self-defense tactics,” Higgins says. “A college education will offer you life experiences, different ways to look at things and knowledge in a field of study.”

It’s why Covington Police Officer Scott Dames, a current student, is enrolled at UIU.

“It’s given me the opportunity to understand the reasoning behind many of my present administration’s decisions,” Dames says.
UIU’s criminal justice curriculum is designed and taught by law enforcement professionals, all of whom hope to make a difference in the lives of their students by providing them with varied experiences from “different walks of life” and new perspectives, Higgins says.
It’s a profession the school recognizes as important, one it hopes to continue to grow and enhance as more students enroll.

“Union Institute & University simply wants to say thank you to all law enforcement officers for keeping our communities safe,” Media and Public Relations Manager Teresa Wilkins says. “Kindness goes a long way.” 

Do Good: 

• Thank a police officer. 

• Interested in pursuing a career in law enforcement? Learn more about UIU's Criminal Justice Management program. 

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