One of Porkopolis' biggest events has a philanthropic mission

It’s almost time for The Flying Pig Marathon (it's on May 7), but you don’t have to be a runner to participate in the fun that surrounds it.

Everyone, for example, can have a little fun with the Pig Drop, for which participation is not only easy, but also charitable. By adopting a pig for just $5, you gain the chance to win a Cincinnati Getaway experience, a two-year car lease or $5,000 in cash. It’s truly “The Piggest Raffle Ever.”

On top of the prizes, 100 percent of your $5 pig adoption fee goes to the charity of your choice, and if you win the grand prize of $5,000, your charity will also receive $5,000 — a $10,000 prize in total.

The race was founded on three principles: "To put on a world-class event, to celebrate our communities and to support our charities,” says Betsy Ross, public relations for The Flying Pig Marathon. “More than 200 charities take part in The Flying Pig Marathon weekend events, with more than $1 million raised for these charities each of the last six years.”

More than 100 nonprofits are participating in The Piggest Raffle Ever — smaller organizations like Adopt-A-Book and Journey to Hope, and larger nonprofits like the Alzheimer’s Association of Greater Cincinnati and Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Since 2011, the raffle has grown “so much so that our ‘pig-nata’ that we use to drop our pigs is getting almost too heavy to hold all the piggies,” Ross says.

For the nonprofits involved, it’s a simple, fun and affordable way to raise awareness as well as funds that help the organizations achieve their missions.

“The Flying Pig helps these charities raise these funds without taking any administrative or service fee,” Ross says. “We are a conduit to their fundraising.”


- Learn more about the nonprofits involved by viewing the list of participants and learning about their visions.

- Follow the link to adopt a pig — or a few pigs — to fill the “pig-nata” to the brim and assist your charity of choice.

- Tell a friend about The Piggest Raffle Ever and encourage them to join in the fun surrounding this year’s Flying Pig Marathon.

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Brittany York is a freelance writer, adjunct English composition instructor and server at Orchids at Palm Court. She loves travel and photography. Keep up with Brittany on Instagram @brittbrittbrittbrittany.
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