Random Acts of Kindness launches #Kindcash initiative

Random Acts of Kindness’ latest endeavor #Kindcash — a pay-it-forward initiative encouraging patrons of local establishments to preemptively purchase something for a customer in need — is beginning to catch on. About 10 businesses are currently participating, and their task is simple: keep a supply of vouchers at the register for customers to purchase so future customers can enjoy a free coffee, perhaps a meal or service when they need it most.
“What we hope to accomplish is to make giving and/or acts of kindness an easy, matter-of-fact thing — simple — part of one's daily routine,” says Liz Wu, organizer of Random Acts of Kindness and #Kindcash. “Just like you might impulse buy a granola bar sitting on the counter of a coffee shop, we want it to be just as easy to impulse buy a voucher to brighten another person's day with a free coffee or meal.”
Essencha Tea House and Roebling Points Books & Coffee are among participating vendors, and organizers say they are hoping to partner with a barbershop or hair salon in addition to a place that changes oil.
According to Wu, the goal is not only to brighten people’s days but also to increase sales and community support for small businesses.
“We want to draw attention to the idea that supporting your local small businesses is vital to the community and also make it easy for said venues to host kindness initiatives with intention of creating a feeling of community in their space,” she says. “Hosting the #Kindcash vouchers is such a gesture and lets the public know that this is a business that deliberately fosters community.” 

Do Good: 

Contact Liz Wu if you're a local business interested in getting involved with the #Kindcash initiative. 

• If you see a #Kindcash display, consider purchasing a voucher so the business can hang it on its wall and a customer can use it when needed. 

• Follow Random Acts of Kindness on Twitter.

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Brittany York is a freelance writer, adjunct English composition instructor and server at Orchids at Palm Court. She loves travel and photography. Keep up with Brittany on Instagram @brittbrittbrittbrittany.
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