The Carnegie's Art of Food celebrates 10 years of food, music and art

The Carnegie is hosting two nights of The Art of Food Feb. 24 and 26 to commemorate the exhibition’s 10th anniversary. The celebration will include chefs and artists coming together under a theme of Farm to Gallery, which will feature several interactive environments of the farm-to-table movement.
The first night, Feb. 24, will be limited to 200 guests who can enjoy interacting with seven local chefs and listening to live music. The second night, Feb. 26, will feature dinner-by-the-bite from 20 local chefs and food-inspired art created by local artists.
Attendees will also be able to see how The Art of Food has evolved since its inception in 2006. 
“It's hard to believe it’s been 10 years since we held the first Art of Food at The Carnegie,” Executive Director Katie Brass says. "Each year The Art of Food has evolved, and each year we've been able to work with even more amazing local artists and chefs to make it bigger and better.”
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Purchase tickets to The Art of Food Feb. 24 or Feb. 26 at The Carnegie, 1028 Scott Blvd., Covington.

• Get more information on The Art of Food at The Carnegie’s website.

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