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Answers for Civics Essential Quiz: crimes and courts

A serious crime punishable by a year or more in jail is known as a ________

____ misdemeanor.
____ probationary offense.
____ high crime.
Rural counties in Ohio are more likely than urban counties to have Specialty Courts for defendants with mental health or addiction issues.
_____ True

Drug court “graduates” in Ohio are more than twice as likely to remain drug-free and arrest-free than offenders sentenced in traditional courts.
____ False

If you enter a “not guilty” plea in Municipal or County court, you have a right to trial by jury.
____ True

It's harder for rural Ohioans than urban Ohioans to seek treatment for mental health, PTSD and addiction issues because: 
_____ Travel distances for treatment are greater.
_____ They feel a greater stigma attached to their behavior.
_____ They are more likely to know someone in the treatment system.
__X__All of the above


*Rural counties suffer from a lack of treatment facilities and health care providers that make it harder to offer a Specialty Court as an option for offenders.

**Seventy-five percent of Drug Court graduates are drug-free and arrest-free for at least a year compared to 30 percent of those serving sentences in traditional courts.

***Because Municipal and County courts handle less serious crimes, the judge alone hears the case and usually decides the sentence immediately after.

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