Answers for Civics Essential: Do you know your rights and responsibilities as a voter?

On Election Day in Ohio, you must vote at your assigned polling place.

True __X__

False ____


Ohio requires a photo ID in order to vote in an election.

True ____

False __X__


All of the following are reasons that may keep you from voting in an election in Ohio, except one:

____ You failed to vote in the last two years.

____ You failed to return a state postcard confirming your residency.

____ You don’t turn 18 until after the election.

__X__ You changed your party affiliation.


To make sure they make informed choices, voters should do the following:

____ Visit the candidate websites.

____ Check multiple sources of news.

____ Visit the League of Women Voters website at

__X___ All of the above.


All of the following are acceptable forms of voter ID in Ohio, except one:

____ Ohio driver’s license

____ U.S. Military ID

____ Utility bill with your current address.

__X__ A U.S. passport

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