Erin N. Haynes: UC professor, environmental health researcher

Name:  Erin N. Haynes
Title:  Assistant Professor and Director, UC Clinical and Translational Research training program
Age: 38
Neighborhood: Batavia Twp, Clermont Co.

What do you do?
I conduct environmental health research with communities.

Why do you do it? 
I love the environment and people, and I'm very interested in understanding how the environment impacts human health and then communicating this information back to the community. I want to help communities address their environmental health questions through research. 

Why Cincinnati? 
My family is from the Cincinnati area. Growing up, I lived in the Appalachian counties of Adams and Brown, and now reside in Clermont County. Cincinnati has always been my home city! 

What do you love about the city? 
Cincinnati has so much to offer. The diversity in arts, cuisine, cultural festivals and people is wonderful. (Yes, I said Cincinnati is diverse!)  Cincinnati offers all that a big city should with a small town atmosphere.

What are you trying to change about the city? 
I want communities to be more involved in the process of understanding their environment and its role in their health. One of my goals is to partner communities that have environmental health concerns with academic researchers. Once in partnerhsip, together they can address their concerns through solid environmental health research. 

What's next?
My vision is a wider communication network system among local communities, environmental action groups and environmental health researchers enabling community-driven environmental health questions to be addressed though a strong research partnership. 
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