UC Taft Center moves into Edwards One, increases exposure

This year, the University of Cincinnati’s Taft Center has a new home in Edwards One. Since 2005, the Center had previously been housed across the street in a building that was primarily a dorm. The new facility is on street level and user-friendlier because it is more visible to the public.  
The 5,228-square-foot facility includes offices for the Center’s director, financial administrator and program coordinator, plus four new offices for the Center’s fellows and an office for a contemporary Spanish playwright who is visiting for a semester. There is also a seminar room, projection facilities, a lecture room, two conference rooms and a foyer for social events.
“One of my goals as director is to try to raise the visibility of the Center in Cincinnati, as well as on a national and international level,” says Adrian Parr, director of the Center. “I want to get the public involved. This location is more inviting and easily accessible to the people of Cincinnati.”
The Taft Center was established to support and enhance interdisciplinary and disciplinary work that is committed to the development of ideas and critical thinking. The Center sponsors speakers, conferences, symposia and interdisciplinary research groups, with events open to the public. Its main goal is to raise the profile of the humanities for the public good.
“We want to create more streams of public programming, and align ourselves with other entities to work together to bring events to the area, and create more civic engagement, which is at the core of the humanities,” Parr says.
By Caitlin Koenig
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