Lytle Park to receive major facelift

In the next year, Lytle Park will receive a major facelift that could help turn southeast downtown into a thriving financial district.
The Park Board is finalizing the $6 million plan for the park, which includes more green space, a water wall to absorb noise and camouflage I-71, and an adventure playground for kids.
By next spring, the Ohio Department of Transportation will begin a $33 million construction project of the I-71 tunnel under Lytle Park, which includes installing new ventilation, lighting and tiles.
Construction will occur while the Cincinnati Park Board renovates the 2.3-acre park, which is home to the Anna Louise Inn, the Taft Museum, a Residence Inn, the Literary Club of Cincinnati and Park Place at Lytle.  
The Woodford Building will be removed from the Lytle Park Historic District to make way for redevelopment. It’s possible that Western & Southern Financial Group will add a headquarters, as the firm owns one of Cincinnati’s oldest former police stations, a handful of apartments adjacent to the park, and 750,000 square feet of office buildings in the area.
There are also plans for a new housing project, parking garage and restaurants. And next summer, W&S will begin converting the Anna Louise Inn into a hotel.

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Caitlin Koenig is a Cincinnati transplant and 2012 grad of the School of Journalism at the University of Missouri. She's the department editor for Soapbox Media and currently lives in Northside with her husband, Andrew, and their three furry children. Follow Caitlin on Twitter at @caite_13.  
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