GREENarama highlights sustainable Cincinnati in first home show

The city's first "green" home show will debut in Columbia Tusculum this June. The show, which will feature the latest housing innovations and environmentally friendly technology, is a collaboration between the City of Cincinnati, the Community and Business Council of Columbia Tusculum, and several local homebuilders.

Andy Riffe, President of GREENarama and co-owner of Andrew James Builders said that the collaboration was the byproduct of several competitive builders sharing information and working together.

"A group of like-minded builders come together every week and talk about the homes and LEED certification. This is a unique metamorphism from being competitors, to sharing all of the green information with each other. It would never had happened if it weren't for this show," Riffe said.

The eight homes in the show will feature the latest green building products, utility systems and Energy Star Appliances. Aiming for LEED certification, they will also be equipped with energy efficient windows and plumbing fixtures, low flow and efficient showers, faucets, and toilets, as well as proper insulation and low VOC paint. Each home will be eligible for a 15-year, $500,000 tax abatement. The homes are also located in a highly walkable neighborhood with nearby restaurants, shops, and parks. Four of the eight homes that are part of the show have already been sold.

"Columbia Tusculum is one of the highest growing house value neighborhoods in the city because it has a great urban location and a positive community," Mahan said. "This community is very collaborative with a lot of outreach and this is just one more project that will help grow their community in a positive way," said Kelly Mahan, President of Mahan Advertising.

The proceeds from Greenerama will go to the Cincinnati Scholarship Foundation, a non-profit organization that focuses on providing funding for students seeking an education.

"CSF is a parallel to this project because we wanted an organization that was strongly rooted in Cincinnati and kept the community strong. It speaks to the fact that it's not just a home show to sell homes, but it's also an education opportunity for residents and visitors," Mahan said.

Writer: Lisa Ensminger
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