Madisonville Coffee House blends history, revitalization

Madisonville takes another positive step towards redevelopment with the new Madisonville Coffee House.  Started by former Community Council president, Bob Mendlein, the Coffeehouse takes advantage of a vacant historic building along the neighborhood's main drag. Mendlein decided it was time to make a change in his neighborhood.

"I live in an area with little redevelopment in the old business district," Mendlein said. "I want to make something happen and show people that there is potential like back in the 1950's when it was a phenomenal town."

Originally a payday lender was going to take the place of the vacant building, but Mendlein took the initiative to make sure that did not occur. He felt a coffee house would be more conducive to the redevelopment efforts occurring throughout the neighborhood.

"It will be a start to change the character of the neighborhood. The character is shaped by what you see as you drive through," Mendlein said. "If we have something that is more welcoming to the neighborhood, then residents can take pride in this development and enjoy it."

Currently the coffee house is open 6-9pm, Fridays and Saturdays, with plans to open on Sundays in the near future. Plans are also in place to use the space for entertainment and meetings.

Connecting the neighborhood back to it's history, Mendlein is using the first archeological object found in the area, the Effigy Face pot, as its logo. 

The community has recently been the focus of design plans crafted by the Niehoff Urban Studio at the University of Cincinnati. 

Writer: Lisa Ensminger
Photography by Scott Beseler.
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