Queen City Project gains recognition, projects

The Queen City Project launched in late October 2011 with the goal of highlighting some of their employees' favorite spots in Cincinnati. A partnership between Alias Imaging and Bluestone Creative, the QCP launched as a purely artistic endeavor to show Cincinnati through a unique lens.
The idea is to photograph a day in the life of a local business or organization, then bring the pictures to life in a face-paced, sort of digital flipbook. Thousands of pictures are put to music and an entire day at a business is illustrated in about two minutes.

The QCP website launched with videos of Arnold’s Bar and Grill and Shadeau Bread. After the site launched, the QCP began to look for other local institutions to feature. Since then, the QCP has featured Coffee Emporium, a special holiday feature and most recently, the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra.
With the CSO, they ventured into new territory. The CSO wanted the QCP to help them attract a younger crowd. The video shows a CSO practice and offers a behind-the-scenes look at what goes into a performance.

The next project for the QCP is a feature with the Christian Moerlein Lager House, which is set to open on the riverfront in the next month. The QCP will shoot the first batch of beer brewed at the lager house. Then, immediately before the the first beer is poured, the video will play throughout the building.
“It’s above and beyond what we’ve done so far,” says Adam Browning, creative director at Bluestone and partner at QCP. “A lot has come out of our last couple projects.”
To help with the recent growth, the QCP has created posters, stickers and badges for websites so the subjects they feature can highlight the work. In only a couple of months, the QCP has gained recognition and potential clients are contacting them to highlight their businesses. Channel 9 even ran a feature about the creative venture.
“It’s always been a purely artistic process and a creative outlet for us,” Browning says. “We always try to focus on what we want to cover and make sure it is a place we believe in and care about.”
By Evan Wallis
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