CCM adds new degree to esteemed program

University of Cincinnati’s College Conservatory of Music has added another degree to its already nationally esteemed programs for the upcoming fall semester.

Applications have come in from all over the world for CCM’s newly announced Commercial Music Production degree. The highly selective program will only enroll about 10 students per year. The degree will mix music theory, composition, studio techniques and film scoring and be paired with a minor in music business entrepreneurship aimed to give graduates all the training they need to run their own, studio.

“They will learn how to write music from the ground up,” says Scott Belck, director of the commercial music production program. “In a strong sense, it’s a music writing degree, but then they will know how to go out and be their own recording studio.”

The possibilities for careers after completing the degree are varied, but Belck says many graduates might produce original content for use that could range from movies to commercials to albums.

“So much of the technology needed to make music is accessible and affordable anymore,” Belck says. “A graduate will be able to work on their own in whatever space they have.”

Three weeks after opening up the application process, CCM has received applications from all over the world. Faculty is looking for the best young potential in the world. Applicants have sent Youtube videos of their singing/songwriting style, while one applicant from Thailand sent a fully completed film score.

“We’re going to prepare them to be successful in the recording business,” Belck says. “We’ll follow their creative side, regardless of style.”

While some schools such as Belmont New York University and USC have programs similar to the Commercial Production degree, Belck says it is the first of its kind in the region.

By Evan Wallis
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