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Research + Innovation: Growing Companies

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Liquid Innovation

Cincinnati, OH

Sprout Insight LLC

Cincinnati, OH

Simple Hydration

While Brian Hock trained for the Louisville Ironman in 2010, he had an idea for a way to stay hydrated along the way. That idea evolved into Simple Hydration, a start-up company with an innovative product that is being manufactured in the US.

Cincinnati, Ohio

Alpine Valley

Charlie Hall’s first job after getting a degree in finance from Miami University, was selling copiers in Chicago. His boss told him he had to make 50 cold calls a day to keep his job. After six months, Hall got fired. Two days after he got fired, Spring Valley, a bottle watered distribution company that had been one of his cold calls, offered him a job.

10341 Julian Drive
Cincinnati, Ohio 45215

US Digital Partners

David Brecount and Mark Miller started US Digital Partners with a bold vision: they wanted to embrace the way the internet was changing business interaction and help Cincinnati companies develop and market their brands.

311 Elm Street
Cincinnati , Ohio 45202


Brian Burke started IBuyCells in 2006. Alone, he was buying and selling used Verizon phones out of his house in Loveland. In 2008, he saw much more potential in selling Apple computers and iPhones. In October of 2009, he founded sellyourmac.com and generated $1 million of revenue in the first year.

7A Techview Dr
Cincinnati, Ohio 45215


Though Kaleidoscope has been around for 22 years, in its last decade, its focus has shifted to four distinct areas of product development. By keeping a clear eye on consumer goods, electronics, healthcare and transportation, Kaleidoscope takes the process from research to ideation.

205 West Fourth Street
Suite 1140
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202

Copper Mountain Beverages

Cincinnati-born Copper Mountain Beverages developed and sells Hot2Go, a packaged latte that has real milk, is ready to heat and drink and tastes as good as more expensive coffee beverages.

1776 Mentor Ave., Suite 250
Cincinnati , Ohio 45212

The Women's Book

The Women's Book is more than just a book. It's a multi-media directory of local resources for women in print and on the web, and a one-stop-shop to help readers find what's going on for and by women in their communities.

Cincinnati, OH

16 Research + Innovation Companies | Page: | Show All
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