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A Kentucky family with a long established tradition of supplying top quality meats to well-known restaurants has stepped into the retail world with an online shop devoted to foodies and at-home chefs.

Robinson's Prime Reserve is an offshoot of Superior Meats, a family-owned business that for decades has supplied restaurant-quality meets to English Grill, the Oakroom, Seelbach Hotel as well as Keeneland and Churchill Downs racetracks among others in Kentucky and surrounding states. Both companies specialize in USDA Prime (top 2 percent of beef) and USDA Choice (of the which the company uses the top 10 percent).

Robinson's Prime Reserve, which sells online only, sits on the shoulders of three generations of Robinsons, starting with William Addison Robinson Jr., who entered the business after buying a grocery store in West Louisville. His business plan relied on selling top quality, high value products. William's son Bert built on that, by acquiring controlling interest in Louisville's Superior Meats, a wholesale supplier. Among the meats sold are beef, bison, poultry, pork, lamb and veal.

"It really dates back to my father, who initially got started in the meat business several years ago, and took over (Superior Meats). He did a turnaround story by partnering with chefs that are well-known in the industry," said the third generation Robinson's Prime Reserve President Benjamin Robinson. "He really works with those guys to make sure he provides the best products available within our own industry."

Though Superior Meets is a wholesaler, some well-known individuals including celebrities, dignitaries and politicians began requesting the product.

Robinson's Prime Reserve has been featured in Sophisticated Living, Food and Wine, and insider foodie newsletters and blogs like UrbanDaddy and Daily Candy.

Robinson's Prime Reserve was launched last year to expand product offerings to individuals as their requests climbed.

"Over time we started receiving more and more individual requests from people who I like to say, 'You don't say no to,'" Benjamin Robinson said. "We're angling to be a high-end version of Omaha Steaks. This is quality not available to retail consumers. You can't get this type of meat in a grocery store or specialty butcher shops. The first time the products are in (consumers') homes they're blown away."

Writer: Feoshia Henderson

Source: Benjamin Robinson, President Robinson's Prime Reserve

Robinson's Prime Reserve
P.O. Box 3393, Louisville, KY 40203
(888) 581-6328
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