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CEO's for Cities

Last week's CEOs for Cities national meeting in Washington, DC brought together urban leaders from across the country who attended the two day think-tank to discuss central themes to move a new agenda along including valuing cities, developing talent, and building future leadership. A Cincinnati delegation convened and hosted by the Haile/US Bank Foundation numbered 20 strong and accounted for the largest regional showing at this important national summit. Cincinnati 'cluster' members represented such varied community initiatives as Vision 2015, Agenda 360, Strive, Greater Cincinnati Workforce Network, Cincinnati Innovates, Live Well Collaborative, and others.  Soapbox was also along for the ride and invited three cluster members to blog about their DC experience for our readers. 

Taking us up on the CEOs for Cities' blog challenge this week is Agenda 360 head, Myrita Craig, new Vision 2015 President, Bill Scheyer, and Cincinnati Innovates' founder, Elizabeth Edwards.
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